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Blowing machinery for any kind of container, in stand-alone configuration or in-line, including the combi monoblock fitted system  (blower + filler
fitted in a single basement, sharing electrical main and PLC, to avoid cost of air bottle conveyors and signal exchange)

Whatever coud be your product, we are able to operate on it.
Our full extensive knowledge on isobaric fillig, as well as low-vacuum filling or piston filling, is suitable for any different needs, from product upgrading to machinery tuning.
No-Pressure accumulation table

Producing still water or no carbonated products in PET container could give you difficulties in accumulation table.
Pressure can be very strong, deforming bottle and creating jams.

Our no-pressure accumulation system is highly flexible and suitable for any kind of container, while it is particular indicated for PET.
Our no-pressure accumulation table reduce pressure to a non significant level, avoid any jam, stretch or abrasion to container,  and fit any different format with no further mechanical adjustment.
Feeding line

As per our experienced, we know that more than speed, it is also important smooth and continuous running.
How many stop caused by falling bottle and container in the feeding line?
We develop a new feeding line conveyor system, controlled by a multiple sensors and motors, able to feed your next machine, either filler or labeller, up to 50.000 cph.
100% full feeding guaranteed.
New pallet layout

Switching to a new format, often you don't consider the importance of the pallet optimization.
Do you know that increasing your pallet layout of a single pack, you could save up to 6 pallet per day?*
Casaltech is constantly working to help client in order to optimizing costs and resources.
We can help you to find the best layout for your pallets.

*average cases sample

Customised machines

Casaltech is 100%  customer oriented.
Not only regarding beverages and food machinery, but we are also capable to follow up any different needs.
No matter what you have to handle, or what you have to sort it out, we will work together to find the best solution that suits your requirments.
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