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Proposal of Casaltech's PLC and Industrial Automation Courses is to provide to maintenance technicians, line operator and line supervisor, all the basic information to well manage their equipments.
We will introduce you to the concept of Industrial Automation applicated to process and controls.
In order to help you to understand lessons, a minimum level of knowledge of electrical, computer system and mechanic is suggested.

The courses will last 4 days:
day 1: basic explanation of industrial automation systems
day 2: introduction to Siemens Simatic PLC programming tools
day 3: introduction to Siemens Simatic HMI control panel programming tools
day 4: practice exercise, questions

Our course is not academic, and you will not trained about theory.
We are experienced in job on site, because we worked in more than 60 countries with a number of referenced customer.
The best approach is work direct on a project, to properly understand the logic of the industrial automation.
During the course you will develop a sample project, step by step with the trainer, and in this way you will learn exactly what is needed, helping you to understand not the theory, but how to apply the theory at the practical job.

For technicians who already have a  basic knowledge of automation system, please enquire for a dedicated courses in advanced programming.

At the end of the course all the partecipant will receive a certificate of attendance.
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